Thursday, October 25, 2007

Metro Wednesday

Well anybody that knows me knows that I don't go out to clubs that often anymore. I guess I got burned out on it since I did so much clubbing when I was younger. So I decided to go out to support the In The Meantime Men's Group and their 4th Annual Black Party that was being held in conjunction with Club Metro's regular night. I had been given a free pass to go into the VIP Room. Woo Hoo look at me VIP. LOL It really wasn't all that but it was nice to be invited.

While in the club I noticed that I really hadn't missed much. So I hung out with my Nephew who had to work the catered food there because one of his employees decided not to show. I spent most of my time talking to him and occasionally to a few other people that I knew. With drink in my hand I watched the goings on of the club scene today.

I will say that I did enjoy the stripper that was in the VIP Room. I try to be a little reserved when I'm out so I didn't run up to him like so many of the other older guys were doing like they had never seen a naked man before. They were shameless...but the stripper smiled and did his job and collected their dollars in his very short and very shear boxer briefs. He was tight though I must admit!!! Had everything that anyone with a particular interest would be interested in.

So as the stripper took a break I noticed a tall light-skinned brotha that sort of glided into the VIP room. On second glace I noticed it was not just any light-skinned attractive brotha. It was the one and only Jonathan Plummer. Yep Terri McMillian's ex. I was surprised to see that he is not as big as I thought he was or as tall. He is taller than me, about 6'1". I also envisioned a sizeable muscular ass. That wasn't their either. However, he did not disappoint me as far as looks and his nipples. Yes I'm a nipple lover. His did not disappoint at all. They poked out of his shirt like the soldiers that I hoped they would be...ok ok I know I'm getting carried away. I'll stop.

Anyway, I would have loved to talk to him, but I'm a bit shy at times. I know many wouldn't believe it but I am!! Especially when I'm interested in someone. Anyway Jonathan made my night by turning to me smiling and saying hello. I wanted to run after him and say let's get out of here...but I guess the brotha had other things on his mind. Plus that's just not my style to run after anyone. So Jonathan if you're out there give me a holla! Hey maybe I'll pick his book Balancing Act and get him to come to one of my Book Club meetings. Hmmm maybe I won't tell the other members the correct date of the meeting and it'll be just me and him...LOL

If you google his book google has a preview of about 50 pages of it for your perusal.


TheBlacks said...

The Harvest!

WhozHe said...

When I run into a celebrity I say to myself, "they'll probably never see me again so I'm going for it. " If I embarrass myself, so what, they don't know me but I'll get my pic, my autograph, my handshake, whatever. Just ask Eric Benet what I did when i emt him. (It was not considered a felony, so I'm okay).

WhozHe said...

I meant when I met him.

Joseph said...

I wonder if his book is any good. Somewhere in the web I read some really bad reviews and Terry's email about the book only selling 600 copies (although I can't trust that! lol!).

If you read it let me know how it turns out.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I know his ex apparently reads the black gay blogs. Whozhe was paid a visit by her. To me, he looks like a very sweet guy who was momentarily screwed up by the prejudices against being a black gay male.

SpecialK261 said...

loll..sound sinteresting man..i wish i knew who these charaters were though...maybe if i was part of the