Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Reminder

I posted a thought in 2005 that I think needs to be revisited. I was speaking to a young friend who has just entered the college environment. He's attending a school that is predominantly white. Although this can be a challenge to your spirit, I think it's a great learning ground for the real world of dealing with white people. As I told him he is experienceing white people "in their raw and immature state....when you get out in to the world it will be more you need to take the lessons of their immaturity and store that information for your benefit."

Here's the post from 2005 Don't You Know Who I Am.


BronzeBuckaroo said...

Good Advice. There is nothing more to say. Your words were right on the mark!

My entire academic life was spent around white folks in mostly white schools. A lot of times, it was the Mexican students who embraced me. Maybe they could smell some of their blood in me. Or, maybe most were physically my complexion. Whatever it was, they did not give me a headache.

Today, well, I like jazz/blues, foreign cinema--which often means I may be the only black person in a situation or one of a very few.

The cool thing about growing up in a family like my own, I know the ways of white folks. This means I know and can smell their bs and why they don't impress me as they do other black folk and certain gay brothers who dote on them!

Together, you and me will someday visit that Jazz Center in New York. ;-)

ReggieH said...

I too am glad that I went to predominantly white schools (not that it was psychically easy). I think I learned a lot OUTSIDE the classroom, which has held me in good stead in later years.

Forge said...

I went to a predominantly white college....It didn't make me stronger,although it didn't kill me either. LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog and just one more thing. I loved Why Did I get Married, too. It was great. A must see.

Ebonne said...

I'm loving the pic!