Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's a man to do?

I haven't been blogging lately because there are so many thoughts and words going through my head that I can't seem to focus on one thought right now.
Kinda wishing I was a kid again when I didn' t have any worries other than who I was going to play with outside. Novel concept in today's don't even see kids playing outside anymore.
So for now just trying to calm my thoughts down and focus my attention on the things that need to be done. And doing those things in a way that satisfies me. My blog is a place where I liked to express my thoughts and emotions. Right now I need to keep them to myself.
It won't take me too long to come back to myself.


kennyking78 said...

I am praying for your peace of mind D.

We have yet to talk about what has gone on, but I think I have put two and two together.

You are an awesome man and you deserve all of the best.

Curious said...

Worrying about who you were going to play with when you were a kid? For some of us, that was trauma encapsulated.

Although for a long time I knew that I never wanted to grow up, I wouldn't want to go back to those days again, too much selfishness and fighting going on by me and the kids around me. But you, you have to find your own path. You have to learn your own level of contentment. Your own way to happiness. So if you want to sing your entire life to the world, or just speak softly to yourself, as long as you find what you need then I for one am for it.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Great picture. I wish I could say the kids in my hood didn't play outside, because they keep me up. I be wanting to tell them to go inside and play a game. LOL. Sorry you have so much on your mind. That can be a good or a bad thing. The problem is that your legs are not ashy enough. A little ash on your legs will keep your mind clear.