Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Touch of a Grandmother

My family is planning a Family Reunion in July. The reunion is taking place in Maryland. I haven't been back there in 3 years since my grandmother's funeral. I'm having a really hard time deciding to go to the reunion. It's just not going to be the same without her there. I miss her soooo much.

My mother and her sister sold her house where we all gathered. It was the house that my Great Grandfather built for my Great Grandmother. My Grandmother was born there and so was my mother.

It's going to be difficult. She made everyone feel important. Whose going to do that now? There is no one left in the family like her.

I know I'm rambling but I just miss her so much.

She told me I was her favorite. I found out later that she said that to everyone. We all believed that we were the favorite. I know I really was. I don' t care what the hell they say.

I miss my grandmother's touch.


fuzzy said...

The comment may be very short, but I feel you!

Aaron said...

I know exactly what you mean. I miss my grandmother dreadfully and I think about her every day...I was my grandmothers youngest and I think and still think she loved me the most out of all of us because I looked most like her. Everyone believes that *they* were her favorite grandchild. That's the sign of a great grandmother...when everyone thinks that they were the favorite because she makes you feel that damn good

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

I feel you, too. Beautiful post. (And between you and me, I bet you were her favorite. She just had to say that to the others.)

blkbutterfly said...

i can understand your not wanting to go. but, maybe you should go ahead and go. it may do you and the rest of the family good to reminisce about her. i'm sure she'd be smiling down at the sight of you all together.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I am so feeling this post. You know how I feel about my Grandmother and things do change once your grandmother change. When my mother passed a way may family demolished her house and did not even tell me. Can you imagine how it made me feel one day when I decided to do a drive by of the ole homestead only to find out that it no longer existed. I was devastated. Seriously. I could have cried. I would have been okay with them tearing it down, since it had been vacant for so long and the crack heads had started to take up residence there, but it would have been nice to be informed. I know I was much younger than, but I was not that damn you. I was about twenty or twenty one for petesakes. That shit still hurts. They didn't give me the chance to save anything that once belonged to my grandmother. All I have are Chex Cereal.
Everyone knew I was Gammy's favorite. I think there was some resent for it too, but kids are young and studip.
Look at me, my comment is longer than your post. Sorry about that. I really didn't mean to talk about my memories. I really just wanted to tell you how cool I thought that water color was.
Go to the reunion, man. I wish we had them. Seems like the only time we see family that we havn't see in ages is when someone dies, and that ain't cool at all.

D-Place said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. I decided I am going to go. I know it's goign to be weird but I think that they want to do some sort of tribute so I want to make sure it's done right!!!

OMO - Don't worry about your lengthy comments. Glad you shared. Yeah I know I was her favorite..I don't care what all those other onces say. Se only said it to me cuz the other's wouldn't have been able to handle it. hee hee

Curious said...

When my grandmother died, my father's mother, we would all gather together as a family once a year. There were cousins and aunts and uncles and people who to this day I still try to figure out how they are related. But it always turned out to be a time not to mourn her loss but to share stories of the good times that people had with her.

You've made a good decision. Trust me she'll seem even closer to you than she does now

Terrence said...

Doug, you are my favorite too.

Your grandmother sounds like she was awesome. I wish you the best regardless of the decision you make.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Ditto what Terrence said.

You are my favorite as well. Please, for your grandmother, go to the reunion. I am sure she would want you to go. Whether you realize it or not, you carry her your heart within. And, a beautiful heart it is!


kennyking78 said...

I am so glad you have decided to go. Family may not be much nowadays, but it is still family. Reminisce. I am sure she would have wanted nothing less.

Joseph said...

Great post! I've always wondered what it would have been like if I had a grandmother around. My maternal grandmother is dead and my paternal...well, is a witch.

Anywho, reading you post the song "Grandma's hands" by bill've probably heard it before, but if not do so, I think it compliments this post nicely.