Saturday, May 31, 2008

I wish you well

I've been feeling Mariah Carey's song I Wish You Well.

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This post is not meant for any one in particular. Just kind of how I feel when things with promise turn to disappointment. I've always said...enjoy the moment. I have lived by this for a few years now and it really works. I think also what helps me is knowing that God is looking after me and knows my heart. It's too bad that sometimes friends, lovers and family members don't always know your heart.

It's unfortunate that liars, cheaters, whores, drug addicts and dealers, con-artists and the like, are never able to feel safe enough to trust anyone. In their minds they have concocted scenarios of deception that only bind them to their own dismal existence of mayhem. It's unfortunate because if only they were able to trust just one person the rain of rath that continually emerges in their lives would certainly subside. It's unfortunate that they never will, as it's not in their nature. They're too angry with themselves and their lives. They attack , misuse and ravenously devour any goodness that comes their way. Therefore, they will remain in the muck smelling of shit.

I wish them well.


One Man’s Opinion said...

That is a good song. I have never heard it and I am a fan of the Carey. I played it while I was reading your post and liked the way the song went with what you were writing about. Thank you for giving me that option. I normally turn off songs that automaticly play on blogs because they distract me.
Living in the moment, what a concept. I try it. So much easier to do by yourself than with others.
(I wish you well, bro)

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Now, I really do wish I could be there to offer you a BIG hug. You know I love ya!

fuzzy said...

for those people, you have to show them the way. It is always possible to advance yourself! Show those types of people that it is possible and they can do it and it may just happen. There is still hope!

BuddahDesmond said...

Living in the moment, enjoying the moment - it's a good thing. It makes life so much better.

At some point, people in this situation need to learn that everyone isn't out to get them. They've got to learn to trust others. They've got to let go of whatever it is that's keeping them from opening up, from moving forward. And I agree with fuzzy in that it may take someone showing them the way before they finally get it. Though it can be rough at times, we've got to be optimistic and hopeful.

Have a great weekend!

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

As I have recently relocated from Baltimore, Maryland, to here in Los Angeles, California, its My Faith in God and ALL that he has planned for me, that helps Me maintain my Sanity.

Though I am NOT feeling Mariahs album, there is one track, WISH YOU WELL, that indeed, touches my Soul. I wish the ENTIRE album was created along the poignant lines of these timeless Lyrics. The song transcends me into a very Comfortable and Serene existence.

Im Glad to Know that Im NOT the Only One...