Saturday, June 14, 2008

Do you feel it coming?

Do you feel it coming?

You may not know the force behind it, but you know it's coming.

You have no words only guttural sounds.

It's makes you giggle.

Your senses are heightened.

Your skin tingles.

Your breath is shallow.

You wonder if they know that it's coming too.

It makes your eyes flutter.

and your heart beat faster.

You know it's coming.

You can feel it.

It's almost here.

In anticipation you can feel yourself about to burst.

You know it's coming.

Your face is flushed.

What will it feel like you wonder.

That's half the excitement.

You want it to last forever.

You want to feel it all over you.

Oh My God!

Thank you God!


Here it comes!


You have found love, happiness, success and peace.

With my mind set on higher things.
These things have become my footstool.
I'm determined to reach my goal.
I need peace for my soul.


4GOTTEN1 said...

I'm loving this poem just the raw emotion of it all.

fuzzy said...

I love it too! Its so hormonal and exciting! riviting and fluttering! It really stirred me up on the inside! I wanna feel something come but I can't because I am at work. I am ready to see it come! I am prepared at this moment for it to come. One slight movement while I am in this state and I will see it come!

Oh My God! the students are coming in the classroom!

One Man’s Opinion said...

I too am feeling the poem, in free virce. I wish I felst love like that.

Corey Keith said...

My.. what a way to start a monday..

D-Place said...

Thanks Guys. This is the feeling you get when you want something to happen and you know in your heart that it will. You just don't know when.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Certainly feeling these words!

kennyking78 said...

Wow! I knew you were about to take it there! You go boy!

I am not going to lie though, I like both feelings (carnal and emotional).

Nice work D!

life said...

Here Here