Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dear Anonymous

You who read my blog know that most of the time I do not respond to negative comments. You might not know that a lot of times I delete them. I made a post after Obama's victory. Short and sweet. My post mentioned change as did President Elect Obama's campaign. If one believes that there would not be some type of a change by just him being the president is misguided. I would not venture to guess what the changes will be but there's no question in my mind that there will be some. Be it his policies, america's thought about black men, or just that the president is Black and not White.

More than anything in the world I hate statistics simply because one can say whatever one wants using them. As did Anonymous.

He/she said, Obama won because of 60% of the white and Latino vote went to him and that... only 20% of the black population even voted. Just looking at those numbers makes a statement. However, the numbers do leave some important information out. What percentage of the White population voted? What percentage of the Latino population voted? Was it 20% of those populations that voted also? Is this 60% from White and 60% from Latino populations or from all votes 6o% were White and Latino? I won't claim to know the answers. For the numbers to mean anything those questions should be answered I think. I will agree that if only 20% of all the Black population voted that that is sad. I wonder if some of the Black people that would have wanted to vote couldn't for some reason good or bad? Guess more statistics are need for that answer.

I do believe that Obama was voted in by all faces of America and I have heard no reports nor did I state that the Black Community should take credit for his win. The anonymous he/she quoted a study that was conducted on why Blacks were voting for Obama and that not one could come up with a reason except change. When asked what they wanted changed they couldn't answer. Hmmmm, that sounds suspect to me. Anonymous if you watch most network news you'll notice that sometimes reporters gravitate to those that might give an uneducated response to any question. Still I even find it hard to believe that an uneducated person wouldn't be able to verbalize one change. Hmm was the interviewer too aggressive or condescending and the person being interviewed just refused to answer. I guess we'll never know unless you Anonymous were the interviewer and can shed some light.

Later Anonymous says that 60% of whites that voted for Obama did so because of the facts that he brought and that he/she believed the election showed that the racial divide still exist, but with the Black population. So we're back to the 60% again. So again is this 60% of all whites that voted or 60% of the whites that voted for Obama? If it's 60% that voted for him then 40% only voted for change and possibly didn't know what they wanted changed either?

Anonymous states he/she comes from an area that has overcome the racial divide. Please let me know what that area is so that I can move there! This is an assumption on my part but I suspect that Anonymous is not Black. It's sometimes difficult for those not experiencing racism to know the many subtleties of it. That's no fault of Anonymous' own it's just very difficult to empathize with things that you have no real understanding of. But I see he/she is trying and that should be commended.

The last statements on my blob by Anonymous I'm posting verbatim.

It will not be until all of us can stop separating each other till we all can come together.It was a historical election, not to say the least.

I have no idea why Anonymous chose my blog to make his/her statement. damn tootin it's historical! As you saw, my statement on President Elect Obama's win was simple and did not say that We Black People Did It. So Anonymous (which i think is Bitch-Assness to post anonymously) if anyone is perpetuating a divide it is you. So maybe your area has not progressed as much as you think it has. You certainly haven't. I take my earlier statement back. I don't want to know what area you live in or want to move there. It would appear that there is still some unresolved racism lurking deep within the bowels of your area's population. I wonder what percentage that is? When you're down to 0% and all have shit that ignorance out and wiped your asses truly clean then let me know where that area is. Until then Anonymous I do sincerely hope that I have facilitated some change to your heart and thoughts.

Oh yeah Anonymous...who started this anyway? I know I want it to stop!


deonte' k said...

Shakes head... the man won. Get over it!

Hey buddy maybe u can set ur profile were anonymous people can't post to ur blog. It's only an idea if u want. ;)

I just hate when they post on my blog hiding themselves. So I changed it. I feel everyone has their own opinion, even if it's a stupid one, but they won't be posting it on my page unless I can tell who they are.

blkbutterfly said...

i read the comment left by Anonymous and had to close the window in frustration. i'm glad you made such an eloquent and well thought out response to the comment.

oh, and i couldn't help but chuckle at "which i think is Bitch-Assness to post anonymously."

thegayte-keeper said...

this person is just an idiot!!!

fuzzy said...

This reminds me of the Captain! lol It really does! lol (no offense Captin if you read this)

D-Place said...

Thank you D I just did it.

Curious said...

I wasn't sure what you were referring to so I had to go back and read your previous post and all the comments that it had and I think that I would have answered Annonymous differently.

I would have said that no where in the post did you say who "we" were. Sure "we" may have just applied to black people, or even other people of color, or people in California or people on the West Coast or people under 30 who I believe voted overwhelmingly for Obama. But no where in your post do you refer to who "we" is or was.

Maybe since Obama got more than 52% of the vote, "we" meant the American people since it was Americans who voted him in, and anyone who thought otherwize was just showing of his/her own ignorant racist ass. But that's just my thought.

I wouldn't worry about annonymous comments if I were you, 9 times out of 10 they're not even worth the effort.

Joseph said...

Great response! Why do people with such strong opinions never show their face or even name. Idiot!

Hi D, hope you are having a fabolous day.

deonte' k said...

D-Place: good buddy and ur welcome. ;)

Jamar Herrod said...

D-Place: Very well noted. The Anonymous person probably won't dare to post a comment now. Excellent post bro.

Anonymous said...

ummm, Anonymous needs to get a life. Dont let someone that is not human enough to expose their name and speak up.

Its good to know that you have taken the anonymous option off your blog...take care, how are you?

Anonymous said...

oh and im following you........