Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes We Did!!!

In the words of Sophia in the Color Puprle, "...thangs gonna change round heah!"


thegayte-keeper said...


KB said...

and i can't wait for the changes man!!! we are blessed to be here to see this in our lifetime!

deonte' k said...

Yes Lord lol ;)

Pharaoh said...

OH man, They run a spot ono KJLH, to commemorate the victory that ends with "Yes we did" and I feel like crying....its a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes we did? Obama won because 60% of the white and latino vote went to him. After the polls were over, only about 20% of the black population even voted. That is sad.

Obama was voted in by all faces of America. For any one group to take the credit is wrong.

Another study was done to see "why" blacks were voting for Obama. Not one could make an educated reason why to vote for him, except change....when asked what do they want changed, they could not answer.

In my opinion, the 60% of whites who voted for Obama did not voted for him for any other reason but the facts he brought. I believe this election showed that the racial divide still exists, but with the black population.

I come from an area that has overcome the racial divide. I find that most of the divide remains with blacks against whites, not the other way around.

It will not be until all of us can stop separating each other till we all can come together.

It was a historical election, not to say the least.