Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Black People You Are Example for All

I know that Black people all know this already...but We are the most admired and hated culture in the entire world!

Whew that was a harsh way of starting things off. Unfortunately, I feel that it is true. I'm not speaking for anyone but myself or am I? I think it's a true compliment to be imitated. At the same time I sometimes feel as if anything that Black people create is in some way stolen from us. It's fine for us to take pride in knowing that we created a thing. What is wrong is when we are not acknowledged for it. Somethings even if we aren't acknowledged, there's just no way it can be denied where it came from.

When people of other cultures adopt what we have created. They are looked at in aw as an amazing talent. There's some truth to that because Black people are extra amazing people and if anyone can imitate us and that imitation is believeable then they deserve praise.

I give God the praise for creating us in his image. I googled "in God's image" and found a site where it asked people in a forum what that meant. There were many good answers. However this answer supports what I'm trying to convey.

"Quite literally the word translated"image" means shadow.We are shadows of an Extra-Dimensional Super Intelligence. It means we are something like Him But without the power or exterior effectiveness of the Overmind. We can Love, and hate and fight and cherish, but we can never love everything that ever was or will be. We are reflections or images of the Originator, but we are all the more so when we try to be like Him. even as children are the image of their parents That is in truth what it mean to be in His Image. It also means that we fall under His shadow of protection. "

If this is true then does that mean all the other cultures are made in Black people's image? At least that would support some of my earlier statements. Hee hee. I'm going to say yes, it does mean that.

See exhibit Z-9733908679209348387923430897848752-7845489498 below. Hope it makes you smile and tell the Lord that you love him!


thegayte-keeper said...

You are SO right!

Anonymous said...

Dang...I need to go to church here...nice

Chet said...

We are the original man, they have no choice but to follow and try to imitate us.

Jamar Herrod said...

Cool! Thats all I got lol.

Moanerplicity said...

Smellin' this stew you're cookin', truth-teller! On this post, you ain't never lied!