Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Working Under Pressure

I don't know why I only get to moving when I feel under pressure. What the hell is that all about? At work or at home it's the same thing. I know what needs to be done. In most cases I find all types of things to do that don't need to be done and sometimes o make more of a mess. That I end up having to take care of either at the same time or just before the task that really needs to be done.

Then when the date gets closer that something absolutely must be completed. That's when I jump into action. Mind you I jump complaining all the time that either I should have started this sooner or that this task is more than I thought it was.

Even right now. I need to have taken the trash out earlier. It's 11:38pm and I thought about this from the moment that I got home. However, I have watched tv, took a nap, made more trash but still not taken it out. I'm on here blogging about it. After I finish this blog I'm going to put my shoes on get all the trash together. Make all that noise that the trash cans make rolling them to the curb.

In the end it all comes out ok. Just wish I had the motivation to do things a lot earlier than I do.
I just get so distracted. I know there's a reason for this that I intend to explore..but right now I gotta take the trash out.

Does anybody have any tips for my motivational issues?????????????


thegayte-keeper said...

I know how you feel

Ian a.k.a. Darktomahawk said...

Ditto that thought, tips on motivation, since yours truly is also the King of Procrastination.

deonte' k said...

Come on buddy, U know better. ;)

Let's get it moving back on track OK. ;)

ka-os said...

LOL... since the crown for King of Procrastination has seemingly been claimed, could I be the... er, Queen of Procrastination.

Or something.

BuddahDesmond said...

When you get some tips for motivation please let me know....lol! I know the feeling - all too well. If i could work the same way under pressure as I do in normal conditions - that would be great! It's rough - but we gotta find some ways to keep it moving....

Have a good weekend!