Sunday, April 04, 2010

Interview with Dwayne Barnes

I had the opportunity to interview Dwayne Barnes. Director and Producer of the Docu-Drama "Stranded in the Motor City" and here is the interview. Since I didn't like the sound of my voice I got a little creative check it out.

And if your in Atlanta check out the screening of the movie at the Atlanta Film Festival on April 17th. @12:15pm and April 21st. @ 3:00pm.

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Chet said...

It certainly appears this young man has a vision and a goal. I know first hand what is like to be Stranded in Detroit; I have family there that has been there for years and years all in the name of: General Motors. Their lives have changed from the working /middle class to survivors. They were afforded the opportunity to get educations for their children and good thing because their children were able to get them out of Detroit and Flint. I spent many summers in Michigan as a child, things were real good then. On a recent visit I nearly passed out from the sight of things. Got the nerves to have places to gamble such as casinos and boats, but no jobs or hefty incomes.

I can't be in Atlanta on April 17, 2010 so hopefully the film will make it's way around the United States. Thanks for sharing this with us.