Saturday, April 21, 2007

How do you kill trees and nobody know you did it?

This is a picture that I took today that shows a similiar view that I would have if my neighbors trees were not blocking it!!!

Does anybody know how I can make those trees crumble to the ground without damaging anything around them? (evil laugh)

While taking the picture above from the sidewalk I was standing in front of a small palm tree. Thought it was intersting. I wonder if this is where the first designer got the idea to put pleats in clothing.


Marz said...

You evil man, that's they the Earth is boiling now.

You need to go plant some trees, and then you'll have a view of a jungle. (OOOH OOH AHHH AHH) That's hot.


blkbutterfly said...

ah, that sounds like some Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort stuff. (hmmm... can you tell i'm ready for the next book to come out? ;-))

i wonder if you while you're figuring out a way to make the trees crumble, can you work on the power company to move those lines out of your line of vision. ;-)

hadn't been by in a while, so i hope you're doing well.

Frederick Smith said...

I feel you on missing the view. How you been? Let's hang soon!

ponoono said...

yes. you pour a bag of rock salt around the base of the tree when the rains come in. the salt will kill the roots as it leaches into the soil. usually without a trace of evidence :)