Friday, April 13, 2007


I've been thinking about unity in the black gay community a lot lately. I wish that we were more unified. I wish that we gave each other a chance.

If we had unity in this community how powerful would we be?

I think it is downright frightening how scary we would be to mainstream America. And how exhilarating it would be to me.

We would be the kings and queens that we always say we are.

There would be a meaning again when we say. I'm Black and I'm proud.

I choose not to be viewed less than what I am because of what white America may think about me.


kennyking78 said...

Beautiful post!!!! I, too, wish we had more unity in the community as well. I constantly imagine how powerful we could be as a unit. Thanks for taking the words right out of my mouth.

eshuneutics said...

An interesting post. How strange, though, is the marriage of image and word. All the body-building images suggest physical power, even a power constituted by the body beautiful. The unit...the body politic...has to be more than this, however, more than a hyper-masculinity. Wouldn't you agree? Beauty, revelation vision, is more than skin deep.

D-Place said...

Eshuneutics. I do agree that our unity must contain more than just hyper-masculinity. I only used these images to represent strength and good health in all aspects of our lives. What imagages would you suggest I use?

eshuneutics said...

It is a good question that you put back to me. :) So much of what people are is represented, these days, in terms of the body. Especially in gay contexts. Perhaps, more normative images...? I don't know. You have me thinking.
I like the honesty of your blog.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Sometimes I wonder if black gay unity will ever materialize. I write about it so much because I want it so much. It underlies "all" my writing. Damn, it is my blog. Langston Hughes wrote about larger black unity so much because he wanted it so much. Sometimes, I get depressed and want to give up on black gay men, I promise myself "never again." Then, like you, I care and love men of African descent to much to just turn away. Whatever is in me will not allow me to turn away.