Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Images are beautiful and strong

It's interesting how important images are to people. I understand it I guess. However, I don't always agree for reasons which I"ll explain and show you with the images I've selected. Society has an innate need to categorize black people. Actually society has an innate need to categorize all people. However, black people seem to be the group that it tends to put into one or two categories. Usually negative categories.

I on the other hand believe that all black people are beautiful in our own way. Because most of us do not have the ability to go unnoticed due to the pigment of our skin, we are easily identifiable. Hence easily categorized. With that, this is what makes us strong. Strong because we have no choice but to accept who we are whether we want to or not. We learn at an early age to be strong because society immediately looks at us with the eyes that place us in one or two categories. When I see us I see the beauty and strength below.


BronzeBuckaroo said...

The power of image. Never underestimate it. Dubois never did. Black folk, but gay men of African descent especially, I'd like to see realized how handsome, how full of grace and dignity they are regardless and inclusive of all their diverse beauty.

Terrence said...

Great photos. Very diverse and colorful - LIKE WE ARE.

Thanks for sharing.