Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unforgettable Divas

In my last post I forgot to mention two other Divas that were at the show. Please forgive me all of you that are fans of theirs. Getting old causes you to forget and overlook things that are staring you right in the face.

Speaking of staring you right in the face. Performer, singer and actress Sherri Lewis , one of the Divas that I forgot to mention tells her story of a new love at the age of 33yo, that one might think would have been lost due to her newly discovered HIV+ status. Her story pulled at your heartstrings. The anticipated still waters of a new relationship happily endured the information of the disease once thought of as a death sentence. The love of Sherri's now husband is ever flowing. Sherri was quite the Diva in a Pink dress and boa. After hearing her story and listening to her sing the only word that comes to mind is inspirational! Read this story on Sherri located on The Body webpage. Here's an interview with Sherri on youtube. It's important that we hear the stories of women with HIV as we don't hear these stories enough.

Thank you Sherri for pulling the coat tail of this aging man!

The other Diva that I forgot to mention was Kym Whitley. I don't know how I forgot her because she was hillarious as you can well imagine. On top of that she looks really good! Normally, Sheryl Lee Ralph has one of my favorites Jennifer Lewis for comic releif at the show but this year as I said in my last post Jennifer could not be in attendance. Kym was a welcome addition and I hope she comes back again and again. Kym opened the show and as she was talking Norwood comes walking down the aisle making his grand entrance. Now everyone knows that you shouldn't come in late to a show if a comedian is going to be in the show, becasue they will call you out in some way. And that she did. "...Only Norwood could wear a cheatah suit and afro". All eyes on Norwood and the laughter ensued.

Norwood Young in cheatah. I don't think they like him on Bossip.com.


Curious said...

I don't know why, but I'm not even sure that I would have noticed the suit if Norwood was there wearing it.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Is it bad that when you said Sherri Lewis, i immediately thought of Lamb Chop.

D-Place said...

OMO....I think everybody thinks that tha knows who Lamb Chop is!! LOL

fuzzy said...

I'm gonna need you to not forget about the diva(o)s

deonte' k said...

thanks 4 the extra update buddy lol ;)

Chet said...

Thank you for mentioning Sherri Lewis she is certainly noteworthy.

Kim is a hoot, she is to many things and quite possibly a Diva.

Norwood in Cheatah kinda cute in a strange way, love the shoes.