Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are in Kumasi now. It was a 6 hour drive over some rough roads. The internet service is pretty poor here. It's difficult to upload pictures and stay connected. Click the Flickr link to see some pics.

There's a lot more to write but we are on our way to the orphanage and have a meeting just before to prepare us.

Hope all are well.


Scott747 said...

Haven't been to Kumasi for almost 30 years. Was a Peace Corps voluteer in C'ote d'Ivoire and took a vacation to Ghana. Was intrigued by your not having found friendly people. Went up to Kumasi, met two guys on the way who invited me for a drink at the White Star Hotel (don't know if it still exists)when we finally arrived. I was a bit suspicsous since I had been warned by US State Department people to watch for hucksters and scammers. But I said yes and for the next five hours these guys plied me with quart sized beers (they wouldn't let me pay for anything, so naturally I couldn't refuse. Had a fantastic time just BS'ing and the guys could not have been nicer. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

dont know what the means...sorry!!

kennyking78 said...

You are really doing it! I LOVE IT!!!!!!