Sunday, January 27, 2008


I went to a screening of TRUE GRIT(S): A Faux Cinema Verite' Docu-dramedy tonight. It was an entertaining movie. The documentary portion of the movie discussed cheating and then after the screening disussion was had on the subject of being cheated on or having cheated.

One of the main questions was, what is cheating? My opinion is this...if you about about to do something that you think your partner would not be pleased about than it is more than likely cheating. Whether it is simply flirting of chatting on line. However, just like in the movie I believe that you must have these discussions when getting into a relationship with someone. The definition of cheating can be varied depending on who you talk to. So in order to dispell any doubts in your mind find out.

Click on the link above to see a very small portion of True Grits. I hope one day you'll be able to see the entire film. You can also visit their blog The Ghetto Savants by clicking on this link.

What is cheating to you?


Curious said...

That was fun. There is no feeling in the world like having revenge on someone who deserves it. Even if it doesn't solve or resolve whatever the problem was.

For me cheating is any kind of personal or physical relationship that you have to hide from your partner. Kind of simple, but its the lies and secrecy that really hurts.

BTW, good blog. Haven't read it all, but it seems really true and open without having to cross over that line that you have set for yourself.

Aaron said...

Hahahaha...that was a mess!!

As far as cheating goes, I have never had a relationship before sooo just from the outside looking in, I would consider cheating to be intimate contact. Some say intimate thoughts are cheating, but I dont agree.

Miss Publicity said...

Cheating has a wide spectrum... it could be a mind fukk or simply a flirty intercganhe. Regardless the complexity or simplicity if that person catches your eye and attention... your attention is elsewhere.

fuzzy said...

I don't know about the cheating thing... I would say that the actual act would be cheating! If you consider thought cheating, then everytime someone walks by and you have a lustful thought, it is cheating! Thought broadens the cheating range!