Monday, January 21, 2008

Warrior Alert

You know I try to be positive but this is one thing that irks me to no end and I just gotta talk about.
I went to the Abbey with a friend from out of town and someone I started dating last night. Now I'm not one to feel like the person I'm dating has to be all up under me all night long. I do realize that the day I met this person was not the day that they came to life. Same thing goes for me I wasn't just born the day they met me. So with that said I know we all have a past and know people that each other may not understand the relationships so it's really nothing to trip over.
However, you should pay attention. Especially when you can tell that someone is trying to push up on your date in a sexual manner. I know we are all men and being flirted with is good for our egos. However, if I feel that your efforts to ward off an obviously intoxicated horndog are not successful. I will take note of it and take matters into my own hands. I had to do that last night. I'm just glad it didn't get ugly. I'm not sure what it is about me but in some situations I become this warrior ready for battle. No opponent is too big or too small cuz I'm going to do damage.
Last night fortunately, I didn't have to do any damage but I did need to step in and rescue my friend from a leach that was causing my blood to boil. Without any words to the fool I grabbed my Friend by the hand and lead him in another direction. That seemed to stop all that action. Thank goodness cuz like I said I become a warrior and my words and actions were on the verge of becoming volatile.


WhozHe said...

That's right, handle your bizness!! Don't let no man stealing heifer try to steal your man!! (Now a few months from now after you get to know him, you might wish the heifer had stolen him, but that remains to be seen).

D-Place said...'re right but I'm staying positive that things will work to the good! :-)

Aaron said...

I know the feeling...but im all about head bustin drunk mofo's!! hahaha... j/p

Came across your blog, looks interesting hope you dont mind me reading!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Some times you gotta be ready to pull out that warrior. I'm just glad you know when to pull him back in (most people don't).

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I agree with OMO. A good warrior knows when to fight and when to pull back. You are a good warrior I would want on my team anyday.