Monday, October 24, 2005

Roll Bounce

WOW! Have you heard the Roll Bounce Soundtrack. Well I love music and it is really nice. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Destiny's Child...but I must say that Michelle and Beyonce did an excellent job of the songs they sang. Check them can hear a little bit of it on Amazon.

I was listening to the cd while putting my clothes back in the closet. No, I wasn't washing clothes and putting them away. Friday morning I was on my computer doing some work and needed to get something from out of my bedroom. To my surprise, all of my clothes were sitting on the floor of the closet!

I think this was a sign that I might have waaaaay too many clothes. Well it is spring and that is when I normally go into my closet and give away clothes. I thought I had given away a lot earlier in the year and cleaned a lot out. I guess not! My closet say differently. I be donating my clothes to a worthy cause. Any suggestions on a deserving charity let me know. I'll be asking around myself as well.

So now what does one do when your closet is a shambles? Get a closet organizer. California Closets? Naw it would probably take weeks before they would even give me an appointment and cost thousands. So off to Ikea I went on Friday afternoon. They have a really cool wadrobe planner that helps you determine how to configure your closet. 15 mins later I was shelling out a few hundred bucks for my new closet to be delivered the next day.

Here is the lesson of the day. When you buy a new article of clothing remove something from your closet. Oh yeah I love my new closet. It took all day to put it up, but I had help from a good friend.

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Bmore Dogg said...

I remember the days when roller skating was the sh@t. There was this roller rink across the street from where I lived. They had an all night skating party and I wanted to go so bad that I snuck out the house to attend. I was only 15 at the time. My parents found out and I got my a@@ tore out the frame. Damn. It was worth the a@@ whipping too.