Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Thank You Noah's Arc!

This probably one of the rare times that anyone will catch me eating my words. I must say that I completely enjoyed Noah's Arc tonight!!!! I laughed, empathasized and was connected to the characters tonight. As my manger at work says..."There's always room for improvement. With that being said, although you are doing a wonderful job, I can't give you the highest rating for your Performance Review." The same goes for Noah's Arc..but I must say the improvements have jumped by leaps and bounds compared to last week.

Some of the characters are still sort of YT-ish. However, they were at least believeable this week. I think some acting classes have been taking place. The main thing that stood out for me was that the characters are developing more depth. Bravo!

I'm looking forward to next week show!


Frederick Smith said...

I don't know if you caught last night's episode (11/2/05), but I thought it was great! That show is surely getting its footing!

D-Place said...

Yes I agree it is getting it's footing and I'm starting to become proud of it...but still don't like that the main characters are ALL so queenie. They in a sense are perpetuating a we know about us...there is no norm.

Terrence said...

I have started watching Noah's Arc. I find it interesting, courageous, and pioneering. The acting could use a little tweaking, but there are some nice looking cats on that show.