Friday, November 18, 2005

Dear Media

Dear Media of the U.S.A,

You are making me very angry. What is this image that you are trying to propagate of me? You know that there are many shades of being gay. You want to paint me in just one shade of pink. Well I am not hardly pink. I am golden, bronze, brown, black and many other variations in hue. When you paint me in one color that's all anyone will see.

No one will ever know the vast colors that I possess. You've made me hide my colors either in my closet of secrecy and decadence or forced me into silence with only the comfort of my grey wool coat to hide the vibrant red of my soul.

Do I scare you into seeing yourself in color? Do I destroy what you think happiness and love should be? Whatever your reasons, they are gradually crumbling before your feet. I am slowly but surely showing the bright yellows through the keyhole of my closet and unbuttoning my coat to entice you with the ebony richness of my strong heart.

Like Langston Hughes, Audre Lorde and James Baldwin, I'm nurturing a new Black Gay renaissance that will blind you as if looking into an eclispe.

With No Apologies,
Black, African-American, Creole, Mixed and Gay, Homosexual, Same Gender Loving Me


Trent Jackson said...

! say it again!

Marz said...

Hook it up now! LOL

Aw. I'm an inspiration, well WOW.

Thanks for stopping by, I had to load my birthday post myself, and see what I wrote.

I change so much from month to month. It was nice to see where I was and where I am now.


God Bless


Phoenix said...

That's Good Stuff! Love your site.