Friday, November 18, 2005

Is Oprah Talking To You??

I haven't written on my blog in a few days...But now...I have some things on my mind. I just like many others, watched the Oprah show of "When I Knew I Was Gay". I thought I was going to hear something really deep but it was a bunch of M-bleep F-bleepin Sh-bleep ...I actually have no idea what the hell that show was.

I just can not figure it out....Is she attempting to do some gay movie or something soon? She had a bunch of media hungry queens trying to etch out some sort of celebrity. The most notable one on the show was Carson Kressley..from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. One of the most annoying on the show too I might add. Anyway, He's the only one that was on the show that anyone knew. The queeniest of them all too. Although the black one was trying to compete with his not even funny comments. See I can't even remember what his name is and don't feel like going back to Oprah's site to find out. The author was a pretty quite white guy. He didn't say a whole lot and the show was sorta based around his book. Go figure. Guess Oprah was bored with him to...So she I guess she thought she would make jokes and act all confused about different things that they were being said.

Anyway by now I'm sure that you have gathered that I didn't think the show was very enlightening at all. Oprah tried to be insightful with the lesbian couple and the in denial mother. However, that was ineffective too! Since the lesbian girlfriend was saying that she wasn't gay..or in her head she knows she's gay because she's dating a lesbian. What???????? Sounds similar to Lynn's situation on Girlfriends to me or something crazy like that. What kind of research did her producers do for this show...My God!

Oprah is becoming quite the character. I hadn't been watching her show for awhile and recently started TiVo-ing it. She's had some heavy subjects on lately, but has she run out of ideas or what? I'm not hating Oprah, I'm extremely proud that a Black Woman has been able to achieve what she has. However, when you constantly are saying that you want to make a difference, and you have the means to do it right. And by all means don't play dumb for all the White Sally's who think you are the Female Messiah.

Now if you want watch a show that is ground breaking in the black Gay, Same Gender Loving, or Homosexual world (or however you want to identify yourself), watch the Herndon Davis Reports. He's on the , the Healthy Living Channel. There you will hear interviews with people that are real and representative of the real black gay experience.

Now I'm not comparing Oprah and Herndon, but it's time we did somethings for ourselves and that is exactly what Herndon is attempting to do. He's getting our stories told. The thing about his show is, it's not for the white housewife with the VP husband, that can be at home when Oprah comes on ....His show is about and for us.

Ok Herndon if your listening, this is for you....All of you out there. Ask your local cable and satellite operators for the Herndon Davis Reports. Who knows we might have a Male Gay Oprah in the making. If we don't help each other who will. You see how white-washed Noah's Arc is started out then attempted some blackness then got that washed out again. And Oprah certainly isn't. You all saw how she humiliated Jonathan Plummer and empathized with Terry McMillian. I'm not even going to mention that show she did with J.L. King. Nuff said.


Trent Jackson said...

You are soo 100% right. I don't get the Healthy Living Channel on my network...I'm sure you get it, so how about you and I make a date to Watch Herndon Davis on the me on that.

But Oprah is just doing all of these gay shows to prep the public on her coming out with GAYle

John Derek Price said...

Hey D,

I finally got a chance to read your blog. I must say that I am quite impressed with your list of topics. As you know, I love Oprah to pieces. I just feel as universal as Oprah is, she still has to touch Middle America, even when her topics are taboo in some regions of the U.S. With that said, the show on "your gayness" was about alerting women on their roles relating to their husbands/boyfriends. With HIV on the rise for our Black mothers/sisters, this is just one step of many that need to be addressed for our community to defeat societal diseases and such. I say, bravo to Oprah and bravo to you! We need all in our society to raise our conciousness on many issues. -John