Sunday, November 27, 2005

Holiday Blues

I think I'm getting the holiday blues! Grrrrrrrrrrrr

This is the time for families and lovers to show how much they love each other. Well that's what all of the advertisements say anyway. Unfortunately when you are single and living alone trying to make your way in this world it ain't so easy.

So this year I'm going to do things that I like to do. I'm not going to sit at home being bored and wondering where everybody is...cuz I already know. They are with their families. I'm going to make some stuff happen this year. If you know me be on the look out for things to come.

Not making new years resolutions, but I am making some changes in my life...Now don't expect them to happen over night cuz you know I'm very cautious about everything that I do. Give me a break my parents are from the old school that think if you have a job at the post office then you are in great shape. Well they aren't all wrong because my sister went to work there and then went out on disability for stress or something and hasn't worked since. She even has a bigger house than I do and buys a new car every two years.

This is my promise. I'm not going to be afraid to step out anymore...Don't you either. Wish me luck!


Terrence said...

Cool post D,

What is up with the holiday blues? Seems like I get them every year too. Financially, I'm in better shape than ever before, but still don't feel like buying gifts just for the sake of it. Is it that the holiday season is too commercialized?

Running 'round like a chicken with my head cut off buying gifts for people who will then give you some crap. And you think, "Well, it's the thought that counts". I'm keeping it real this holiday season. Don't give me BS gifts and I'm requiring that all gifts have return receipts unless it is an appliance, TV, car, or computer. This is going to help my holiday blues.

No seriously, I hear you. I wish you the best in making your changes.

Your bud.

Phoenix said...

That's what's up!