Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Human Needs

I'm attending a course on developing Leadership skills at my company. The instructer listed some Human Needs that all humans require no matter what groupings they are categorized in. I found them to be very intersting and wanted to share with you all.


Certainty or Stability - All humans want to be certain of somethings. Meaning we want to be able to rely on somethings that we know. For instance, that when I turn the faucet water will come out.

Uncertainty or Variety - All humans want somethings to change or to be a surprise. This is what makes life intersting.

Significance - All humans want to feel like possess something that is significant.

Connection or Love - All humans want to be connected to either a partner, family or a group.

Growth or the ability to grow - All humans want to feel as if they are growing or gaining new knowledge

Contribution - All humans want to be able to contribute something to the world no matter how small it may seem to others. Everyone would like to feel that after they are gone someone will remember something that they did.

I know that I should have been thinking about leadership at my company. After the trainer listed these things the first thing that came to my mind was not how to motivate others as a leader, but what could I come up with that consisted of all of these elements to make some money!!! hahahaha

Sadly, the culture at my company is unyielding. They talks about innovative ideas for conducting business to get at the best results, but does not walk the talk. In truth, most of those in positions to make these things happen don't even understand most of the concepts. So they go back to what they have been doing all along, which is what makes them comfortable.

For those of you that are young, try to think about these things when dealing with other people. I do believe that you will get better results and garner achievements beyond your imagination.

Imagine the possibilities!!

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