Wednesday, July 11, 2007

African Dispora Movies at Outfest

Just sharing some movies coming to Oufest starting this week in Los Angeles.

25 Cent Preview[CENTP] (USA, 2007, 90 mins)Features
Saturday, July 14th 7:00pmShowcase
Monday, July 16th 9:30pmLaemmle Monica
Edgy and brutally honest, Cyrus Amini's gritty cinéma-vérité drama is an unflinching yet compassionate portrait of two young hustlers cruising the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Marcus, a smoldering dirty blonde surfer-type, is the protégé, best friend and sometime partner of “DotCom,” a seasoned street hustler and aspiring singer. When Marcus's troubled past resurfaces, their lives are soon changed forever. Bristling with authenticity, 25 CENT Preview crescendos to a moving catharsis.

The Believers[BELIE] (USA, 2006, 86 mins)Features
Wednesday, July 18th 9:30pmBarnsdall Theatre
Sunday, July 22nd 2:15pmDGA 2
Hallelujah - the world's first transgender gospel choir has taken the stage! THE BELIEVERS revolutionizes popular conceptions about faith, gender identity and sexuality. Director Todd Holland is granted intimate access as choir members open up about the pain - and joy - that has brought them together. Buoyed by the transcendent force of music, we witness people who are brave enough to be their true selves and we experience the healing power of acceptance in this moving film that quite literally sings.

Blueprint[BLUEP] (USA, 2007, 75 mins)Features
Thursday, July 19th 7:15pmBarnsdall Theatre
Two attractive young African-American college students are drawn to one another despite contrary personalities. As Keith's time in New York City nears its end, he meets free-spirit Nathan. Keith finds himself slowly opening to new possibilities BLUEPRINT focuses special attention on place and mood, eschewing traditional narrative for a fresh, intriguing approach to storytelling.

The DL Chronicles[DLCHR] (USA, 2007, 70 mins)Featurespreceded by Masquerade
Saturday, July 14th 9:30pmShowcase
Two new episodes of the smart, provocative series THE DL CHRONICLES introduce a pair of gorgeous men living secret sexual lives. Boo is an ex-convict who can't change his lying and cheating ways, while Mark faces the absurd reality of living on the downlow in his own home. Boldly dealing with the complex issue of men on the DL, these new episodes inspire discussion within communities of color while providing unadulterated, joyous entertainment..

Don't Go[DONTG] (USA, 2007, 60 mins)Featurespreceded by GIRLTRASH!
Saturday, July 14th 9:30pmDGA 1
A self-described “Melrose Place” meets “The L Word” meets “227”, DON'T GO is a highly entertaining pilot episode of a new ensemble dramedy that introduces a group of sexy, diverse characters (including Guinevere Turner and Nisha Ganatra) living in a Los Angeles fourplex. With its unexpected soap operatic twists, DON'T GO beautifully balances intrigue and romance with humor and pathos, all the while challenging stereotypes and mainstream representations of people of color with fierce authenticity.

On the Downlow[ONTHE] (USA, 2007, 54 mins)Featurespreceded by Standing-N-Truth: Breaking the Silence
Saturday, July 21st 7:00pmBarnsdall Theatre
Sunday, July 22nd NoonDGA 2
Director Abigail Child provides an intimate portrait of five young African American men from Cleveland who live their life “on the downlow.” Not quite in the closet, but definitely not out, these men confide their personal views on downlow living and how it affects the men and women who love them. Ultimately, they acknowledge that the gay community represents another type of family in an environment that is often hostile to them.

Starrbooty[STARR] (USA, 2007, 83 mins)Features
Saturday, July 21st 9:30pmShowcase
Legendary drag glamazon RuPaul kicks butt as super-model/secret agent Starrbooty in this gut-busting exploitation film that would make John Waters proud. When Starrbooty learns her niece has been kidnapped by her archrival, Annaka Manners, Starrbooty realizes she must go undercover as a street hooker and go “all the way” to rescue her. Sexy, salacious, popping with scandalous full-frontal nudity and chock-full of delectably insane characters, STARRBOOTY features audacious drag queens and hunky gay porn studs.


BronzeBuckaroo said...

Oh, how I want to see these movies!
Here in my neck of the woods, there is so little diversity in film as the ones you will see. I envy you. :-)

Corey Keith said...

Hopefull these films will be featured here in Atlanta during our Out on Film Festival.

kennyking78 said...

Please keep us posted on these movies!!

Because of this post, I went to and ordered all of RuPaul's cds. I cannot believe I did not own at least ONE!