Saturday, July 21, 2007


Oh Yeah. I saw the movie Blueprint last night that was playing during the Outfest Film Festival. I enjoyed the movie. It was a little artsy and much of the movie was left to speculatation. A lot happened between these two brothas in one day. It was however refreshing to see these two young men fall for each other without 1st consumating what might end the next day or day after. The brotha Nathan in the film was attractive to me. They could have centered the whole movie around his lips for me and I would have been satisfied.

At the question and answer session following the film it turns out the he Nathan(Damion Lee) is straight. I can still fantasize. LOL. Here's his myspace Truth Resurrected


BronzeBuckaroo said...

Straight, but brother can indeed dream. Yes, yes, those lips! I want to see this movie so much.

K. DeAndré Harris said...

Yesss! I finally caught it at this year's Reeling. Loved the soundtrack and it was a beautiful film.

I should hit up Kirk for a DVD, or for him to put it on YouTube or something 'cause I would love to see it again.