Sunday, July 15, 2007

The DL Chronicles

I went to my 1st movie at the Outfest Film Festival for this year. 1st I want to tell you it was quite a site to see so many beautiful black men and women. Ya see where I work and live I don't get to see that many black people. So it's always refreshing to see us especially in such big numbers. (yes and most were gay or lesbian) I wanted to bask in our beauty all night long but the film ended and it was time to move off of the busy corner of Melrose Ave and La Brea. I'll just wait to feel that feeling again at the next film on my list.

Tonight's movie was The DL Chronicles. The DL Chronicles 1st episode is what you might expect. A married man who has desires for a man and ultimately can not supress the desire any longer. I had the opportunity to see 4 episodes. The 1st 3 I saw at At the Beach (LA's Black Gay Pride) movie screenings. All were EXCELLENT and contained the type of acting and portrayals that were missing in Noah's Arc.

Each episode is a different story about different characters and situations. Each story shows the audience a glimpse of the struggle, pain and sometimes humor in the lives of men who are in some form hiding their inate desires for another man. The DL Chonicles will be offered on HereTV in September.

See the clip below for a look at a realistic portrayal of many people that we know.

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BronzeBuckaroo said...

That feeling you described of being around so many brothers and sisters, especially the "brothers," I can certainly understand.

I think I prefer the DL Chronicles to Noah's Arc as well. The characters hit closer to home for me I think. I mean, in the way they carry themselves. Does that make any sense? Oh, well. Plus, the directors of the DL Chronicles are not only a producing team, but lovers in life. Yes!!!!!!!!