Saturday, December 03, 2005


Build your dreams!

This world is going through some global changes. Black people it is time we found new avenues of being financially stable. We need to build our own communities and destiny.

If we continue to think that white is right, we will be doomed to become the residents of a new third world country.

Many companies are becoming global if they aren't already. The ones that are all in the process of becoming, as they put it, "Financially Fit". Do you know what that means to you Employees that handle transaction based duties for a company? If you're unsure of what I mean by "transaction based", I mean this: Those of you who update data, process information or are in positions that provide a service to other areas of your company.

Many of these types of jobs are being sent overseas. I'm sure you know of this happening with customer service type jobs. Remember that time you called AT&T and couldn't understand what that girl from Inda was saying to you. Well she wasn't in Los Angeles or New York as an immigrant. She was in her native country. My company has outsourced the following so far:

- Help Desk Activities - Moved to Canada
- Accounts Payable - Moved to Costa Rica - Yes that's Expense Reports, P.O. Processing and more. (I'm sure the credit department is being looked at as well.)
- Human Resource Benefits Moved to Costa Rica - Payroll, Health Insurance, 401k and again more.

Even though they haven't told us I know there will be more outsourcing. Which means those are jobs gone.

Please prepare yourself for changes such as these and build your dreams. As the spaces between the blocks in the picture above indicate that they can be easily moved to different positions, we as African Americans need to ensure that we are not literally left out in the cold. We got to be able to adapt to changes quickly and find new opportunities.

Find your PASSION by looking into the mirror.
Don't take NO for an answer. Keep calling and keep asking questions.

Those things that you thought might make a good business. Investigate them. Yes, it takes time to investigate and sometimes seems a chore because you're not making money from the exercise. However, if you do, you never know, someone might be looking for what you have to offer.

Bounce ideas off of friends, family and even people you don't know. If even one person likes your idea, you can bet that there are hundreds more that do too.

Like Lawerence Fishburn's character in School Daze said at the end of the movie,

"WAKE UP!!!"


jameil1922 said...

On point. I love Spike Lee!!! I want a financial planner so bad. I'm trying to retire at 50 to travel the world more.

Trent Jackson said...

You've never been more right! Why you think I do what I do...!

This is such a good post...and to Jameil, a good Money Market account, a good 401k and 403B will do it.

Terrence said...

I could agree with your piece more, Doug.

Economic Empowerment.