Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Even when I saw him my mouth went a little dry. I didn't think I would be able to speak clearly due to the heaviness of my tongue. I found the elusive moisture in my mouth and I was able to get the words out in such a way that he would not perceive my nervousness.

"Let's go out sometime, here's my number."

So we went out, and he was even more beautiful than my memory could color from our last meeting. His skin was bronze and smooth without blemish. His lips, thick and soft in appearance that caused me to stare in anticipation. He asked me if I was ok. I said yes I'm fine I was just thinking about how nice it is to see you again.

I took him to a small quiet Italian place in the gay part of town. He wanted to sit outside since the night was just beginning and there was still some warmth in the air. Since it was early in the evening there weren't many patrons at the restaurant that joined us on our private veranda. We sipped wine and talked about our lives and ambitions as we nourished ourselves.

Words spilled from our mouths as if they were drops of water accumulating into a stopped up sink approaching overflow. Conversation was easy and comfortable with him. The wine we sipped caused us to be more comfortable with one another as we sat close. We continued to talk.

As I felt the breeze blow from his direction I could smell the Carol's Daughter sandalwood & Vanilla body spray that he wore which caused my nostrils to flare slightly. He was intoxicating. As I spoke he looked into my eyes in a way that told me he was feeling me too. In my mind I told myself that this date would not end after completing our dinner.

Just then he said, "So what do you want to do after we finish eating?"

I originally thought that dinner would be it for the night, as my day would begin early the next day. "How about we take a walk by the water and we can talk some more", was my response.
His eyes slighly opened wider, not in astonishment but to refrain himself from being over zealous as he responded, Sure.

There was no water close to the restaurant. We would have to get back into my car and drive to some. I chose the Marina for our walk. It shouldn't be too crowded and we could continue our conversation with little distraction.

30 minutes later we made it to the Marina and got out of the car. We stood close to each other along the dimly lit shore and watched a small number of sailboats with their sails folded to their mask glide through the water. He turned, looked into my eyes, and I put my hands to his waist as I guided him to my body. Once his chest met mine I placed my lips on his for our 1st kiss.

I felt one of my fingers touch the flesh of his waist that was soft and warm. When we released from our kiss we took a moment before speaking again. My mouth was open to the size of a pearl earring. In my mind I could hear the sound ahhhh escaping my lips. In reality nothing came out. This is when I realized that I was open.

Open to possibilities
Open to love
Open to dream
Open to life


TheBlacks said...

Simply Breathtaking

Charles X said...

hot damn, my lower region has become magically alive! got me thinkin bout my past kisses, chests bumpin into each other and shit. let me sit down

Lion said...

Awww that is so sweet....a love divine...stay open tiger

Trent Jackson said...

mmmhmmmm. We gotta chat about this.