Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Day

I wrote a few posts ago about Holiday Blues. Yeah I still got them and I did not buy one gift at all. And I'm sooooo glad I didn't. I know this is gonna sound selfish. But Shyt! Enough is enough.

I buy good-ass gifts...and I always get some this year I said I'm not buying nuffin! Yes I said NUFFIN! Every other year I go home for Christmas or Thanksgiving. This year I went to my parents for Thanksgiving. All of my brothers and sisters where there this time. All 6 of us. I had the flu. I would have had hell to pay if I did not take that 2 hour drive to be there. But that's another story.

Anyway back to today's post. I stayed here in LA for Christmas.

When I"m here for the holidays I go to a Girlfriend's house from college. I'm the God Father of her 11 year old daughter. This year Christmas dinner was going to be at her brother's. He lives in Pasadena like the rest of the family. All in beautiful homes. He's a Chiropractor with a spoiled ass 140lb 10 yo fat ass son, that was constantly putting his fat fingers in the Sees candy box. I wanted to scream at his ass, "Get yo fat ass hands outta there and run around the dayum block." Doesn't make sense for a 10 year old to be that dayum fat.

I called my girlfriend to tell her that I didn't think I was going to attend this year. I was honest and told her that I hadn't bought any gifts and felt a little weird about coming over empty handed. She immediately, told me that I better have my ass there and that it was not important whether I had gifts or not.

So anyway dinner was that was my christmas gift. I ended up getting a wine bottle opener. Yes wine bottle opener...not a cork screw. This was one of those fancy dancy ones. Now this woman has known me for about 20 years. (shaddup all you youngins I know yall think I"m old.) In all those years that she's known me she should know better than most people that I don't drink a whole lot of wine. That shyt makes me sleepy. I'm a Jack man dammit!

Oh I did got another gift from my Manager. A $15 gift card to Target. I'm really gonna go on a shopping spree with that one!!

I may sound bitter or ungrateful about all of this but actually I'm not. It just proves to me that this is just a day that people feel forced to buy things for each other that really dont' mean a dayum thing. I'm not bitter because this family has been like a second family to me and during those times when it is not a holiday they still call to see about me and send me cards just to say they are thinking of me.

So you see we may not realize it but we get gifts all year long from the people that we care about. Whether it's a simple thank you card or just a hug when you need it. Those things are much more valuable and long lasting than any gift bought in a rush. I'll give gifts when I feel like it and not because it's the season where all the stores make tons of money.

The gift of love is better than any gift bought with a credit card. I know that was corny but it's true.


Charles X said...

i feel you. i didnt get anyone shit! except my parents. usually i go all out, but fuck all that. im worryin about my own finances and im buyin myself my own christmas presents. fuck the bullshit!

MILLKAY said...

i feel ya. i only bought my kid, my sister's kids and my mom something. i just don't like being disappointed when i don't get what i want. its not worth it especially when u know what i want. so screw it. i don't expect anything anymore.

Marz said...

Am I the youngin' who is supposed to think you're old?

Youth is a state of mind, not an age.-Marz

Everyone was so unChistmassy this year. Maybe next year will be better.


Trent Jackson said...

LMAO!!! 140lb 10 yo fat ass son!!! I can't take it, I am going to need you not to be bagging on the fat kids, although I wasn't fat when I was 10....

I don't fuck with christmas either, that shit is for the muthafuckin birds...keep yo money! Be stress free...

You're right, we get gifts all year long..

But my theory is this, it's always the muthafuckas that want gifts who kept up the most shit all year long...I ain't buying you shit, you two-faced, goat mouf, bald headed, hairy-legged troll face monster! LMAO...wait that guy that just walked past me was hot...