Friday, December 23, 2005

Movies to talk about

Brokeback Mountain
I saw Brokeback Mountain tonight. The movie as I'm sure you all know is getting rave reviews. I personally think that it was a romantic movie that will help those that are already tolerable of white homosexuals to continue to be tolerant.

I've heard comments about how this movie will change how people look at same gender loving men. I doubt it..those that have a problem with it are not going to see the movie to see that love between two men can be beautiful and painful all at the same time. A friend of mine Terrence Says feels the reception this movie is getting would not get the same attention if the characters were black. I agree. There would be negative connotations associated to it, that would undoubtedly hinder any value it might have.

I will admit the story was tragic. I felt the most pain for Jack. I liked the movie but I was not driven to great emotional or sexual angst, like I've heard often.

Roll Bounce
I rented Roll Bounce recently as I never caught it at the theater. I enjoyed it. It was a fun walk down memory lane. Yes that's a clue to my age. It was just a fun movie. I do want to say that I have a new favorite actor. When someone asks me who I like I always say Leon. He's just a beautiful black man to me. I have a new beautiful black man that I would love to see more of on film or on my sheets. (Did I say that out loud?)

Well what if I did?!?!? It is Wesley Jonathan. I think he is beautiful. He didn't have a very earthshaking role in the movie, but then again it wasn't an earthshaking movie. I just like him and want to see more of him. Hey can someone write a movie about the trials of a Black Stripper and star him in it please!


Terrence said...

Good review D. I'm going to see Brokeback over the Xmas holiday as well as King Kong.

By the way, that Keith Boykin did that review of Brokeback that I posted, but I agree with his views 100%.

D-Place said...

oops I knew I read it on your site though..hee hee

Marz said...

Wesley has been my boo since City Guys. Where have you been? (LOL)


Trent Jackson said...

BABY! Wesley has been in my masturbation sequence since I saw the cute little movie...DAMN he is fine, my secret is getting warm just thinking about it...