Saturday, December 17, 2005

Crystal Meth

Anybody that knows me knows that I am not one to do drugs. I used to smoke a little reefah years ago but stopped when I started getting paranoid more times than not. So with that experience I knew I was never going to do anything harder.

Unfortunately, I have had a few friends that have indeed tried harder drugs. I know many of you also know some folks that have tried some hard drugs and know the effects it has on the individual along with family and friends.

I personally had not really heard much about crystal meth until I saw this Oprah show. Ever since then I have been hearing more and more about it. Then this morning, I got a phone call from someone that told me a very good friend of mine was in the hospital and has crystal meth in this system. This friend lives in another city so I couldn't just drive over there and say what the hell is going on with you. I did however, get the phone number to the hospital he was in and spoke with him this morning. My mind went a million places as I tried to put the million pieces together to see if I had a clue. After looking back over the years, yes there were clues...But I guess I just didn't want to see them and didn't believe that this particular friend could be seduced by drugs. WRONG! I was wrong and now feel responsible.

Anyway, I'm not writing all this to tell you about my friend, I'm writing this to hopefully scare anyone thinking of using strong drugs away from it.

Many people think that they can handle drugs and are too strong to let themselves be controlled by them. I think that's what every person on drugs thinks. At the end of that thinking comes the realization that they can not handle the drugs. That is if they are lucky enough to survive them. Many don't. Yes I mean they DIE.

Here are some real characteristics that one has to look forward to if drugs become something that you begin to enjoy more and more:

1. You don't care about your personal appearance. Yo ass stinks, your not clean, and may develop sores on your face or other areas of your body.

2. Yo ass won't have sh&T! Because of the drugs you will sell or steal all that you can just for that high. Which means you will more than likely loose your place of residence. Have to depend on someone else for a roof who will kick you out after they see what's goin on with you.

3. Silently, your body will deteriorate from the inside. You name it can happen. Anything that humans fear happening to their bodies on the inside can and mostly likely will happen.

4. You will lie about anything and everything.

5. You won't be able to keep a job. Your mind will be on getting high and more drugs. Instead of thinking of the benefits you are afforded by having a job. Meaning, you can't buy food or pay rent/mortgage. (see # 2)

6. You'll hallucinate. Yeah see sh*t that is not really there.

I know you all can think of several other things that happen in this situation, so I'm not going to go on counting all the things that happen due to drugs.

I've seen all of this happen to friends that I love. There is nothing that you can do for them. They have to do it for themselves. Another cliche. Although this is the tuest of all cliches.

Here is a crack head story:

1980 something. I went to visit my ex-lover because someone told me that he was on drugs. We had only been broken up approximately 2 months. I knocked on his apt door and he answered in his thick terry cloth robe and pulled me inside quickly.

As I entered the apartment I noticed that there were dark blankets on all the windows. I asked him about the blankets and he said that that was so that "they" wouldn't be able to see in. Who is "they" I asked. My question caused an agitated reply. You know who the F "they" are. They have been watching me.

I immediately asked him if he was ok. This is when he seemed normal to me again. He said yes I just can't get off of this drug. Naive as I was at the time I told him to just throw the pipes away. I'll just buy or make another one is all he said.

I noticed he was carrying around his bible, clutching it as if it was keeping his feet on the ground. Then he opened his bible and I saw that inside he had several pieces of rock cocaine. Good they're still there he said. Then to my astonishment the hallucinations began. He tried vehemently to get me to see the tiny televisions that were running across the floor. I told him I saw nothing but he grabbed me by the back of my neck forcing my head downward to try to focus me on these tiny televisions that were causing him much grief.

Fast forward to 2005. He's back on drugs. Crystal Meth now. Running down the street away from the police who have infiltrated what one would call his crack house. This police unit was a K-9 unit. Due to his attempt to flee the K-9 was let loose and caught him. The K-9 tore into the flesh of his leg causing him to need medical attention along with his detention.

He was finally released from incarceration and was two weeks later found dead in his owned property due to infection of his wounds.

You see a drug addict will not take care of any wounds if the only concern is getting that same feeling back. That drugged feeling.

See the changes it makes --------->


Sobering Thought said...

I have a friend who used to be an IT Manager who is now homeless and crazy because of crystal meth. He couldn't even remember my name the last time I saw him, but has some pretty profound conversations with himself. That's only one story... After seeing friends and families struggle with their addiction and recovery, my partner and I started a web site offering blogs and message forums for substance-dependent people to share their stories with us and each other. We hope the open dialog will help us help each other understand and overcome the complexities of drug addiction.

Frederick Smith said...

I've never done drugs (unless you count over-the-counter stuff... or alcohol) and I've always wondered what's the appeal... the allure.

Just never appealed to me at all, though I've had close friends who've done stuff around me. I never was big on peer pressure... and never felt my life was so low that I needed drugs to cope.

Nick said...

This crystal meth thing is getting really bad in the neighborhood I live in. These people right across the street will have more than fourty visitors in a single night. Unfortunately they are getting more and more violent, many I see carry guns as well. The cops don't seem to care about my area of Modesto, CA. There has been more gang activity as well, I believe they are the ones selling it, But to me it seems like it is every where, so I just stay in my house, and go to work.

D-Place said...

Nick I'm sorry you feel like you need to stay in your house. I believe I understand...however, make sure that you do get out and away to places that you feel good.

Trent Jackson said...

Lord let us pray for Whitney Houston.

I dont want to sound insensitive but I was laughing my ass off, especially about the "THEY" paragraph.

It really saddens my heart that people have to result to drugs to cope with their problems...

I've dealt with addicts on many different levels and it isn't a cute thing...

But wow...STAY STONG and don't be sucked in.

vijayakumar said...

alternative drug should found as soon as possible.that should not create problem like this.


Crystal Meth Addiction