Sunday, December 11, 2005


I know I've been away a few days. I've been busy...but I'll be back real soon. I just need a little rest.

So while you're waiting..if you are waiting. I wanted to leave you with this. I have been thinking about and missing The Dance Theater of Harlem sooo much lately. I can remember when I was younger watching The Carol Burnett Show and wanting to be a dancer watching her dancers. I always thought that I could dance just as good as them. There was only one black man in the dance group and I watched him intensely. Altough I didn't think he was that attractive...but he sho could dance.

Then when I first saw The Dance Theater of Harlem, I was overwhelmed!! Plus the black men were PHINE as you know what!!!! DTH is on it's way back. Yall in New York please support them so I'll be able to see them on the West Coast again.

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Trent Jackson said...

we need to go on a road trip and see them...